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Peppermint oil

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Botanical Name : Mentha Pipereta

100% pure, therapeutic-grade Mentha Pipereta ( Peppermint oil ) essential oil.

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Peppermint essential oil gives a commonplace, unmistakable fragrance, however Peppermint is far beyond only a nostalgic, crisp smell. This oil can be diffused to make an invigorating, centered environment for day by day errands. You can likewise apply it topically to make a cool, shivering sensation on the skin, which can be extremely relieving after hard physical action. We suggest utilizing Peppermint esential oil fragrantly or topically whenever you need to change up your daily practice!

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About Product

Peppermint basic oil has a fortifying fragrance that can help make an engaged situation when diffused and can make a cooling sensation when connected topically, particularly after physical movement.

How to use

  1. Diffuse Peppermint while working or around children while getting their work done for a domain that is engaged and stimulated.
  2. Add Peppermint to hot bathwater and appreciate the reviving fragrance and mitigating sweet-smelling steam.
  3. Breathe in or apply it to your chest previously and amid an intense exercise for an animating aroma.
  4. Apply it topically to exhausted territories following physical movement for a cooling sensation.