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Rosemary oil


Botanical Name : Rosemarinus Officinalis L.

100% pure, therapeutic-grade Rosemarinus Officinalis L. (Rosemary oil) essential oil.

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Rosemary oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) is steam refined from a lasting bush with needle-like leaves that can stay evergreen in hotter atmospheres. The natural, which is a piece of the mint family, is local to Mediterranean areas and has blue or purple blooms that give it a downplayed wonder. The commonplace fragrance of Rosemary basic oil—just as its vigorous, herbaceous smell—has made it well known in sweet-smelling and individual consideration items.

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About Product

Its best known to utilize is as facial oil for very dry skin. Generally it is less stimulating and significantly less of a psychological stimulant, so it very well may be utilized at night. Nourishes the scalp and keeps hair looking sound and sparkling. Numerous clients guarantee that it advances hair development, however there isn’t any medicinal proof to help this contention. It standardizes unreasonable oil emissions and enhances most scalp issues, especially dandruff and seborrhea. Rosemary oil is additionally useful in treating cellulite. Rosemary essential oil adjusts intense emotional feelings and keeps control on mood swings. It lifts up the spirits and helps fight depression. It helps in stressful situations and overcomes high pressure stress related sickness and nervous breakdown.

How to use

Topical: Dilute 1 drop with 4 drops of carrier oil. Test on little region of skin on the underside of arm and apply to wanted territory as required. Sweet-smelling: Diffuse up to 10 minutes multiple times every day. Alert: Keep far from kids. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. On the off chance that you are pregnant, nursing, taking prescription, or have a therapeutic condition, consult your doctor before using. For external use only.